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Trichotillomania./Trich./TTN. ( Obsessive Compulsive Spectrum Disorder.).

What Trich is and how it relates to OCD.
  • This disorder causes much secretiveness and this will or may account for the low percentage of the reported cases. But as many as 1 to 2% of college students have had Trich at 1 time.
  • A person will pull out hers/his hair, hair from any part of the body may be targeted out but scalp, eyelashes and eyebrows are most common. This behavior results in noticeable hair loss and will cause much distress and shame to the person.
  • Just before pulling out the hair or when attempting to inhibit the desire, they will feel an increasing subjective sense of tension. Initially this action will bring relief, gratifications or pleasure, until they fully realize what the effects are.
  • For some, this is an action they seem almost unaware off until they "wake up" from that state in which they pull out their hair.
    People have stated that after a phone call they would have no eyelashes left.
  • The most efficient treatment has been found to be Cognitive- Behavioral Therapy in combination with medication. Clomipramine is commonly prescribed for treating Trich.
  • As you can see are there many similarities between Trich and CSP and Nail Biting, the shame, the 2 ways on which the behavior is based ( Automatic or Pleasure/Relief.) and the way they are treated.

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